Check out this critical info before you start this session for the first time to get the knowledge you require for maximising your progress.


Check out this critical info before you start this session for the first time to get the knowledge you require for maximising your progress.

Choosing Other Exercises

You should stick to the exact exercises and order I’ve programmed throughout this plan as much as possible. That being said you’ll find alternative exercises and variations by tapping the Options button under each exercise.

Use these if equipment is unavailable and you can’t wait and generally speaking the options I’ve given will be a very close match to the original exercise. Doing exercises for at least 4 weeks before changing them is best for optimal progress however some deviation every now and again is fine.

What Weights Should I Use?

You should choose the weights that allow to just complete the rep ceiling (highest number in the rep range). That means that for the rep range 8-12 you should barely complete 12 reps for your first set.

After this you’re likely not going to be able to complete 12 reps which is fine, but if you’re unable to complete the lowest number on subsequent sets (e.g. for set to you only complete 7) then you should drop the weight for your next set so your reps still fall within the given range.

Beginner & Intermediate Differences

One of the most important aspects of continued growth is progressive overloading. This is the principle of constantly improving the amount of reps you do or the amount of weight you lift. This is why I recommend that beginners only do 3 sets on the exercises that are marked for 4 sets.

As a beginner once you’ve completed this plan at the 3 set level you can come back to this plan (after completing a different split – check out my Upper Lower Blueprints) and move up to 4 sets.

Choosing Your Schedule

Without a doubt the best way to guarantee quick results is to make sure you commit to this plan for the entire 12 weeks. To help you do that I’ve created 3 schedule options for 3-5 days which you can find in the menu or at the bottom of the page.

I recommend training 4 days a week on this plan but you should choose the schedule that you’ll actually stick to. Obviously you don’t have to pick one of my schedules, you can do your own if you’d like, just make sure you take at least 48 hours off before doing the same workout again.

Adopt A Growth Mindset

Every time you lift those weights push yourself to the max so that you increase the weights you use as frequently as possible. Once you can hit the rep ceiling (highest rep range number) you should increase your weights by the smallest amount possible in your next workout.

Without a doubt this is one of, if not THE, key predictor for insane results. Have this mindset every session to guarantee your success.

Speed Up Your Progress

I know it’s easy just to forget about warming up before exercises but simply put you should think about it as added muscle growth stimulus. The extra set not only primes your muscles to be able to lift more and perform more reps, but you’re also increasing your total weight lifted which is a key predictor of muscle growth.

For exercises that I’ve marked for warm ups complete 1 set with approx half the weight you’ll use, for double reps. Warm ups for exercises marked “Opt” are optional, but I do advise doing one if you have time.




Phase 1 – 5 Weeks

1. Push Day [Mass]

2. Pull Day [Mass]

Phase 2 – 6 Weeks

3. Push Day [Mass]

4. Pull Day [Mass]

5. Push Day [Targeting]

6. Pull Day [Targeting]

– Plan Info

– Plan Schedules

Phase 3 – 1 Week

3. Push Day [Mass]

3 Schedule Options

The Schedules

Essential Reading

Phase Breakdown

Critical Plan Info


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