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I'm pretty out of this world

There really aren’t many like me.

I’m different (and proud of it)

What makes me different you say?

Well for one I’m a divergent thinker. I learn things at an elevated rate, and have utilised this alongside my natural creativity, intense curiosity, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge to grow into the person I am today.

And I mean… come on… how many portfolios are this EPIC!

I know I might be lacking in the experience department, but with my intense passion for learning, and unrivalled work ethic guarantee it won’t take me long to be a truly out of this world asset.

I wasn't born to work behind a salad bar*

I was born to work behind a space bar**

*yes I actually used to work at a salad bar

**no (unfortunately) not like a barman for aliens

When it comes to technical skills my strengths undoubtably lie in Python and SQL (yes I know SQL isn’t in that cute little gif, my bad). I work tirelessly 60-70 hours per week with these tools in my free time to develop my skills as much as possible. I also have a good, basic knowledge of C++ from my time studying Games Software Development (essentially CS) at Sheffield Hallam University

I spent a lot of time in my most recent Data Engineering bootcamp training in AWS. I’ve got first hand experience of utilising Lambda, S3, Redshift for a ETL/Automation project – a project for which I took the role of team lead. Notably in the same project I pushed my team to include Snowflake integration, and as a result have good experience of working with Data Warehousing in relation to ETLs in large scale projects.

In my personal projects I ensure I’m always pushing myself to learn new concepts, and have recently been falling in love with optimising python with  concurrency through asyncio, plus exploring advanced SQL concepts like coalesce, window functions, self-joins, sub-queries, triggers, etc

Conceptually speaking I’ve worked hard to master the essential principles of Database Design, OOP, and Software Engineering Best Practices, but my most recent fascination has been with more advanced concepts like Dynamic Programming, Binary Trees, BFS, and DFS – as well as a real yearning to learn more about Machine Learning, Complex Algorithms, and Data Visualisation.

As for some extras I’m comfortable with HTML5 and CSS, and have been intentionally working on improving my way around some popular and interesting modules/frameworks like Pandas, Numpy, and Streamlit to name a few. Additionally I have good knowledge of other RDBMS like MySQL and PostgreSQL too, and am skilled with core Adobe suit products like AfterEffects and Illustrator.


Don't tell me the sky's the limit

when there's footsteps on the moon

I’ve got big goals and even bigger potential, I’m not looking to just pick up a paycheck… I’m here to make an impact. And to do that you need much more than just the ability to code.

From doing graded Mensa® exams for fun, or more recently taking on Google’s Foobar psychometric testing, if it challenges my intellect you can count me in. 

And that mindset has helped me learn a hell of a lot…

Now I’m not saying I’m the next Einstein, there are many out there smarter that I am, but I’m an exceptionally good problem solver with a level of ability that’s (nearly) second to none supported by a top 2% culture fair IQ.

I know my friends are sick of hearing this one but a few years back I sat the officially graded Mensa entrance exam at UEL and achieved a culture fair IQ of 131 (it’s the logical reasoning part) which is in the top 2.7% worldwide.

*Just don't tell r/programmerhumor I said that

I'm a dreamer...

I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds.

- Mike Tyson

I’m not all maths and programming though… ooooh no.

One of my most defining traits is my ability to communicate effectively – a skill which I honed as a kid and in my teens performing on some of the most iconic stages in the UK, joining NT’s National Youth Theatre, and even travelling to the USA to play the lead in our theatre companies rendition of Oliver Twist.

No pictures please.

Those days are long behind me, but I’ve taken those skills with me into adulthood and done my best to continue developing them. I thoroughly enjoy presenting and have no problems with making myself heard or tailoring what I’ve got to say to a specific audience.

On many occasions I’ve been told that one of my best skills is my ability to inject others with my raw enthusiasm & natural curiosity for the things I do – and that is something I’m truly proud of.

It’s not just my intellect that I like to test, and have very little qualms with putting myself in uncomfortable situations, to be frank quite the opposite as I know that’s where the real growth is.

Now sure I’m still human, I still get anxious, I still over think things, but I don’t let opportunities pass me by because of what others think.

I’ll be honest here, there isn’t really much benefit that comes from being an empath, it’s actually pretty horrible.

But I’m proud to call myself an emotional guy, because emotions are what makes us human after all (looks around in binary).

I don’t have an ego, I don’t indulge narcissism, and I do not have time for fake people – and those are all things that I personally believe shouldn’t exist in the workplace either.

I’m unapologetically me, always have been, always will be.

If you're given a chance...

and you're driven

and obsessed

and consumed

when given the opportunity to prove people right

the sky is the limit.



It's cooler than a pug in sunglasses


Portfolio of Work Incoming

If you’re really desperate to check out some of the things I’ve done then you can…

You’ll see just how dedicated I am to developing my skills in this field through my commit history, and can check out some of the projects I’ve working on now, the group project I worked on during my time studying Data Engineering. 

It’s likely I haven’t had time to do things like write up Readme’s yet as I’ve only just finished my course, but I’m planning on doing it shortly.

My current project – allows real world users to get up to date and historical information on wait times for all hospitals in England.

Utilises a hidden NHS API, concurrency for optimisation, historical data automated by coalesce MySQL triggers, plus a wealth of user selectable inputs and visualisations.

I really would love you to go and check it out on my GitHub profile.

A bit of a personal project I’ve been doing when I have time, (yes, it’s the parent link to this portfolio) is my currently in development fitness website aimed at Hardgainers (naturally scrawny guys like myself), with free workout plans and training information. 

Extra-curricular work for my DE bootcamp group project is a dashboard app to pull data from the AWS x Snowflake hosted ETL. 

This was my first ever ETL project, for which I took the role of Team Lead. You can find the link on my GitHub Profile.

If you couldn’t already tell from the in-development state of this webpage I unfortunately haven’t had much time to work on my portfolio, port and host my personal project, or gather up previous content examples to highlight my skills and creativity just yet (you got here pretty early)

That being said if you want to know something just ask, I’m more than happy to answer any questions about my projects, or what I’ve been up to.


The Non Stop Express To Success

I’m always trying out new tech, software, and ideas, so I can stay at the forefront of digital, and have been like that since I got my first computer at age 10.

As a result of this, and due the fact that I’m truly an outside the box thinker, I get my kicks from finding new & innovative ways to impact & engage end users and as a result am really interested in things like data visualisations and UX design.

One of my favourite sayings is “if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense” and when it comes to my future in the tech world it is crucial to me that I bring real value to my employer, in every way I can.

But that being said I’m not here to just pick up a pay-check, this is what I was born to do and I love to do it, it’s why I spend (the overwhelming majority of) my free time coding.




(I Think) I'm Pretty Smart

Yes I did actually used to have that on the wall beside my bed for the entire year after I sat the exam, and though there are a fair few other skills and achievements I have than just those that are sat between my ears this is by far my favourite one.


I'm A Low Level Player With A Exp++ Buff

It’s taken me a while to get started, so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I know others are younger or have more experience that I do, but I like to think the fact that I haven’t taken the traditional route to start out in tech means that I’m even *more* of an asset to companies who are serious about employing the best, and care about long term growth. 

I’m not looking to hop around chasing salaries, I want the ability to grow, and the ability to climb. It took me long enough to get here, sure I want to dive right in but I’m in no rush to…

In all seriousness I completed 1 year of university 8 years ago and haven’t done any coding at all until about 3 months ago when I realised that programming really was one of my greatest passions… Undiagnosed adhd was my weakness back then, and I had a lot of personal issues that made getting through my time at uni next to impossible, to this day is stands as only of two of my regrets, but it’s something that I plan to make up to myself in the next few years – and to be honest, I’ve probably learned more in the last 2 months than I did in 14 months at university, I’m way ahead of where I thought I’d be… 

Actually I consider my love of learning in my free time one of my greatest strengths, and 95% of the skills I’ve learned in graphic design, video creation, copywriting, web development, digital marketing, and editorial writing having been developed through my own lorem.

If necessary find a way to split this up btw

Aspiring Junior Dev, Qualified Senior Nerd

Ok so I’ll admit it, I’m a pretty stereotypical nerd. I genuinely enjoy mathematics, I love gaming, I like talking philosophy, I collect Pop! vinyls,  and I’m fascinated by neo-dystopian films and TV series like The Matrix trilogy and HBO’s Westworld.

I’m proud of who I am, especially my nerdy side and everyone knows it, heck it’s the reason my best friend brought me a “I love spreadsheets mug” – because I make spreadsheets to automate our scores against each other when we play games (best mug ever btw).

But a nerd isn’t all I am, as without a doubt my favourite hobby outside of tech is Muay Thai kickboxing, and travelled to Thailand for 4 week when I was 21 to religiously train with the locals in the bush terrain of Phuket. On top of that I am a near religious follower of Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC, and can be talked into watching a bit of boxing every now and again too.

Asset 6as

This is my respawn, I'm going to make it count

Life is a weird thing, ok so maybe it took 32+ years, some pretty hefty bumps in the road, and a fair few failures for me to realise where I wanted to be, and that is doing something that I truly love and that I’m naturally good – and that’s why I knew I had to get back into programming. 

Now that I’m finally on track to where I want to be I’m not taking it lightly, and am working tirelessly to ensure that I am my best self, not just in terms of my technical skills but also my overall personal development.

I know that once I get started, with the right company behind me, bolstered by amazing people who want to do amazing things, nothing will be able to stop me, and soon enough I will truly be a force to be reckoned with.

I genuinely feel like I’ve had a second chance at life in the last year or so, especially due to briefly grappling with my mortality after appendix surgery, and I honestly cannot to see what life has in store for me.

You've discovered a rare gem

Despite feeling pretty old now at 32 and being told all my life by teachers that I’m capable of great things, I’ve never worked a job where I could use my brain, let alone a job where I could use my skills and intellect to elevate the business.

I really go think about myself like a diamond in the rough, a rare loot drop if you will, and I absolutely cannot wait to showcase what I can do when I put my mind to it.

Sure I didn’t take the conventional path to get to where I am today but that is what makes me such a valuable asset, I bring much more to the table that just coding experience, and I absolutely cannot wait to showcase what I can do when I put my mind to it.



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